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1. Company law and commercial law:

  • planning and creating legal resolutions tailored to the intended economic objectives, including advice on the selection of the optimal form of the running business,
  • creation of business entities, including commercial companies, branches, representative offices, joint ventures, associations, foundations,

  • corporate support for business entities, including drafting of resolutions, minutes of meetings, regulations, and other acts,

  • restructuring of business entities, including legal assistance in mergers, acquisitions, divisions of business entities, as well as the sale or acquisition of shares, or the company or its organized part,

  • due diligence and legal audit of all business entities,

  • conducting litigation connected with the protection of rights and interests of companies, their shareholders and bodies, in particular view of the liability of board members.

2. Contract law:

  • drafting commercial contracts, including national and international ones,
  • providing legal advice on the field of trade, including international market of products,
  • developing the general conditions of the contract and the general terms of purchase,
  • representing in negotiations and conclusion of trade agreements.
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3. Transport law and shipping law:

  • legal advice in the field of road, rail, sea, air and multimodal transport, on national and international level,
  • protection and representation the interests of the carrier, freight forwarder, customs agencies and transport insurer at the liquidation of transport damage,

  • conducting litigation related to recourse claims, particularly on the basis of the CMR Convention.

4. Maritime law:

  • legal advice for the ship – building industry, including the contracts for the ship’s construction and repair,
  • conducting cases related to cargo claims,

  • arrests and release of ships,

  • registration of the ships and maritime mortgage.

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5. Labour law:

  • legal advice on establishing and terminating employment, especially in the field of legal relations for the management (management contracts),
  • legal advice on restructuring of the employment or taking over the company,

  • developing the necessary internal acts of the employer.

6. Insurance law:

  • pre-court and judicial representing of domestic and foreign insurers, as well as other clients in securing and pursuing claims for damages and recourse claims,
  • legal advice on insurance contracts and bank guarantees.

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7. Insolvency law and restructuring law:

  • legal advice in the terms of restructuring of the running business, as well as in the field of restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings,
  • representing clients in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings of the domestic, as well as international scope.

8. Litigation and arbitration:

  • legal advice in the terms of legal risks both at pre-trial stage, as well as judicial,
  • representation before courts, administrative courts, Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court and the arbitration courts,

  • representation client interests in litigation abroad in cooperation with the foreign law offices.

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9. International private law:

  • advising on issues and cross-border transactions, taking into account EU l and international regulations,
  • opinion on international agreements,

  • redress and their execution abroad,

  • representation in proceedings for recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Poland.

10. Investments and Real Properties:

  • preparing and conducting transactions of conveyancing,
  • a comprehensive study of the legal and the actual status of the real estate (audit, due diligence),

  • representing clients in investments’ proceedings,

  • developing and supervising the implementation of contracts for construction, general contractor contracts, investment substitution,

  • legal advice in the terms of commercialization of real estates,

  • representing clients at the time of the mediation and judicial proceedings connected with the real estates.

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11. Tax law:

  • consulting in the range of tax, financial and accounting on the basis of cooperation with an advisory and consulting group – MR Group sp. o.o., especially in terms of tax optimization, transfer pricing, cross-border transactions.

12. Compliance:

  • audit and due diligence of the company according to assessment of legal risks,
  • identification of threats’ areas,

  • developing the internal procedures, including risk management.

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13. Training:

  • We conduct training courses for individual and institutional clients, with the scope of our expertise, particularly in the area of private international law, commercial companies law, transport and shipping law.

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